I Promise, No Ruffles or Puffy Sleeves -- Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Updated: Feb 24

The ring is on your finger. The planning is in session. Your partner will soon become your

husband or wife. It’s all coming together. What next?

In addition to telling your friends and family, you need to start thinking about who you want standing alongside you and your partner on your special day, if anyone at all. Once you decide that you do want a wedding party, the next step is deciding who you want your wedding party to consist of.

While we don't think wedding party gifts are a must, we believe it’s a nice gesture considering the amount of money your wedding party will spend, which may include additional functions, attire (use code BIRDYBABES for 5 free swatches), as well as beauty services to name a few. That being said… keep it PRACTICAL, meaning 1) don’t buy something they will never use again or 2) will want to throw away shortly after the wedding. Also, keep in mind they could say no.

We recommend saving the money you’d use for gifts and using it for the big day as a thank you for all you’ve done leading up to this day. However, if you still feel as though you need to “pop the question”, we suggest doing something small and simple, yet highlights your wedding. A card with a heartfelt message goes such a long way. Aside from the card, give them some nail polish that may match your wedding colors, or for guys a tie is great (use code KALEIDOSCOPE for 10% off your order!).

If your budget allows, it’s always nice to get some type of clothing for everyone to wear during the ‘Getting-Ready’ process of your wedding, especially if your photographer will be there because let’s be honest, it makes for some great photos! If you’re going this route, it’s best if you ask for everybody’s sizes up front. Chances are by the time you’re ready to pull the trigger and order, they’ll have forgotten you asked! Also, if you’re getting a clothing item for the ladies, make sure it can easily go over their head post up-do.

  • PRO TIP: If you can’t afford to purchase matching clothes, then ask them to all wear black leggings, with some type of button up! This will keep it consistent, will look great in beauty prep photos, and no one will ruin their hair!

Another great wedding party gift idea is customizable items! Tumblers, flasks, shirts, and more make great gifts for potential members of your wedding party. We always recommend putting their actual name on the gift rather than bridesmaid or groomsmen, as members can reuse the item for years to come and at other functions we talked about, such as your wedding shower and bachelorette and bachelor parties.

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